Proudly representing South Bossier District 1

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Scott Irwin is a true conservative Republican, a philosophy developed during his youth while Ronald Regan was serving as President. He is a Christian; Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior!


Irwin puts the phrase “low taxes, small government” into action. Irwin has earned an extensive education.  He earned a Business degree from Louisiana Tech, a Masters degree with emphasis in Finance, and he is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist through a program of Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania, and a Certified Financial Planner. 

Scott's Experience

  • 35 years of experience working with Trusts, Estates, and Financial Services.

  • 18 years of direct government experience

  • 18 years of history, striving to get things done while keeping taxes low in Bossier City.


Scott Irwin absolutely loves living in South Bossier. Married to his wife Peggy for 33 years, they raised two children in South Bossier. Jeff and Amelia went to school from first grade (at Sun City) to graduating High School (Parkway High School).

Irwin plans much more investment in South Bossier. The investments include neighborhood improvements, major highway improvements, and beautification projects:

  • Improvements to the intersection at Golden Meadows and Hwy 71

  • More high-speed internet options for South Bossier

  • Continued investment in ALL South Bossier neighborhoods to improve streets, sidewalks, and curbs.

  • Continued water and sewer improvements in South Bossier Neighborhoods

  • Continued investment in Police and Fire departments to keep you safe and secure

  • Hwy 71 beautification project

  • and much more!




The highlight of Scott Irwin’s life is his marriage to Peggy. They have been married 33 years and have two children, Amelia and Jeff, as well as a son-in-law, Michael. 


Amelia Irwin

Amelia Irwin is the Irwin's oldest child, She is married to Michael Vetter, and they live in Houston, Texas. Amelia has a degree from Louisiana Tech University and is employed as an environmental scientist with the City of Houston.

Michael Vetter

Michael, Amelia's husband, has a degree from Louisiana Tech University and a Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin. He is a Geographical Information Scientist, building digital maps for the Houston metropolitan area similar to the ones utilized on mobile phones.

Jeff Irwin

Jeff Irwin is a First Responder in the Lake Charles area. He is stationed at Holly Beach and is active in helping rebuild Southwest Louisiana after being hit by two hurricanes in one year. He works 7 days on and 7 days off. Jeff knows hardship; he has only enjoyed the conveniences of electricity approximately 9 months of 2020.


Irwin understands low taxes make positive contributions to our City:

  1. Low taxes attract residents

  2. Low taxes attract businesses

  3. Low taxes lower the financial burden on individuals, helping South Bossier be a great place to raise a family.


Taxes have remained consistently low in Bossier City during his time on the City Council. While taxes have been kept low, Police and Fire Departments have remained strong. City services are strong and the City is more efficient.  The population of Bossier City has nearly doubled the last 20 years.


While keeping taxes low, South Bossier City has accomplished great things:

  • Extended the ART Parkway south

  • Provided constant investment in all South Bossier Neighborhoods. He has improved many streets, sidewalks and curbs. He understands the City must invest in both older and newer neighborhoods to keep them attractive for current and future residents.

  • Built a new $60 million Water Treatment plant in South Bossier

  • New South Bossier Park

  • Constant investment in the Police and Fire departments. Your safety is Irwin’s priority!

  • Completely rebuilt Mike Woods Park

  • Extended bike trail along the river south

  • Renovated the Arena

  • New traffic light at Robert E. Lee Blvd.

  • Railroad safety gates at all South Bossier Railroad crossings

  • New turn lane at Sunflower Road

  • The residents asked and Irwin delivered: Streets brought into the City in the Southgate neighborhood, Plantation Trace Garden Homes, Tara Subdivision, and Plantation Trace Estates subdivisions.

  • New Streetlights on Hwy 71

  • New ramps on Shreveport-Barksdale Bridge

  • New ramp at the Jimmie Davis Bridge

  • Improvements to Hwy 511 (Jimmie Davis Hwy), so traffic flows smoothly

  • Artistic new pedestrian bridge over the ART parkway

  • And much more!

Bossier City is the perfect example of the phrase “low taxes and small government” put into action. Irwin has strived to keep taxes low while accomplishing all the above projects. He has delivered on all his past campaign promises. He strives to keep South Bossier safe and secure and to keep traffic flowing smoothly. He is achieving major investments in South Bossier. He respectfully asks for your vote on March 20th. He wants to keep South Bossier moving forward and keep it a great place to raise a family.